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Soul Orb

Soul Orb

Soul Orb

You see a soul orb.
It weighs 0.20 oz.
This strange object seems to be made of half spirit, half metal. It is unknown by most smiths.

Este ítem se puede negociar en el market. Son una buen manera de obtener munición poderosa.


Puede negociarse con jugadores.

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Páginas Similares

Cave Chimera Leg
Varnished Diremaw Legs
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Human Teeth
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Afflicted Strider Head
Abomination's Tongue
Abomination's Tail
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Soul Orb
Stampor Talon
Stampor Horn
Zaogun Shoulderplates
Zaogun Flag
Young Lich Worm
Yirkas' Egg
Writhing Heart
Writhing Brain
Withered Scalp
Withered Pauldrons
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Wild Flowers
Widow's Mandibles
Werewolf Fur
Werewolf Fang
Werehyaena Talisman
Werehyaena Nose
Werefox Tail
Wereboar Tusk
Werebear Skull
Werebear Fur
Werebadger Skull
Werebadger Claws
Weaver's Wandtip
Waspoid Claw
Warwolf Fur
Volatile Proto Matter
Violet Glass Plate
Vibrant Robe
Vibrant Heart
Vampire's Cape Chain
Utua's Poison
Urmahlullu's Tail
Urmahlullu's Paw
Urmahlullu's Mane
Unholy Bone
Undead Heart
Tunnel Tyrant Shell
Tunnel Tyrant Head
Trapped Bad Dream Monster
Torn Shirt
Tooth of Tazhadur
Tooth File
The Plasmother's Remains
Terrorbird Beak
Terramite Shell
Terramite Legs
Tentacle Piece
Telescope Eye
Tattered Piece of Robe
Tarnished Rhino Figurine
Tarantula Egg
Tail of Corruption
Swarmer Antenna
Swampling Moss
Striped Fur
Strange Proto Matter
Stonerefiner's Skull
Stone Wing
Srezz' Eye
Spooky Blue Eye
Spitter Nose
Spiked Iron Ball
Spidris Mandible
Spider Fangs
Sphinx Feather
Spellsinger's Seal
Sparkion Tail
Sparkion Stings
Sparkion Legs
Sparkion Claw
Spark Sphere
Solid Rage
White Deer Skin
White Deer Antlers
Frozen Carrot
Small Treasure Chest
Small Pitchfork
Small Notebook
Small Flask of Eyedrops
Small Energy Ball
Slimy Leg
Slimy Leaf Tentacle
Skunk Tail
Skull Shatterer
Skull Fetish
Skull Belt
Single Human Eye
Silky Fur
Silken Bookmark
Sight of Surrender's Eye
Shiny Stone
Shimmering Beetles
Shark Fins
Sea Serpent Scale
Seacrest Scale
Shadow Mask
Shadow Paint
Shaggy Tail
Shamanic Hood
Shamanic Talisman
Scythe Leg
Scorpion Tail
Scarab Pincers
Scale of Corruption
Sandcrawler Shell
Safety Pin
Rotten Piece of Cloth
Rotten Heart
Rorc Egg
Rod (Bony Sea Devil)
Rhino Horn Carving
Rhino Horn
Rhino Hide
Red Lantern
Red Hair Dye
Red Goanna Scale
Raw Meat
Ravenous Circlet
Ratmiral's Hat
Rare Earth
Rabbit's Foot
Quara Tentacle
Quara Pincers
Quara Eye
Quara Bone
Purple Robe
Pure Energy
Pulverized Ore
Pristine Worm Head
Pool of Chitinous Glue
Poisoned Fang
Poison Spider Shell
Plasmatic Lightning
Plasma Pearls
Pirate Coin
Pirat's Tail
Pig Foot
Pieces of Magic Chalk
Piece of Warrior Armor
Piece of Massacre's Shell
Piece of Hellfire Armor
Piece of Crocodile Leather
Piece of Archer Armor
Percht Horns
Pelvis Bone
Patch of Fine Cloth
Panther Paw
Panther Head
Pale Worm's Scalp
Pair of Hellflayer Horns
Orshabaal's Brain
Orcish Gear
Orc Tusk
Orc Leather
Old Parchment
Ogre Ear Stud
Odd Organ
Noble Turban
Noble Cape
Nettle Spit
Nettle Blossom
Necromantic Rust
Necromantic Robe
Natural Soil
Mutated Rat Tail
Mutated Flesh
Mutated Bat Ear
Mouldy Powder
Mould Robe
Mould Heart
Mother Soil
Morgaroth's Heart
Minotaur Horn
Milk Churn
Metal Toe
Metal Jaw
Medicine Pouch
Meat Hammer
Marsh Stalker Feather
Marsh Stalker Beak
Manticore Tail
Manticore Ear
Mantassin Tail
Mammoth Tusk
Magma Clump
Mad Froth
Lump of Earth
Lump of Dirt
Luminous Orb
Lost Husher's Staff
Lost Bracers
Lost Basher's Spike
Longing Eyes
Lizard Heart
Lizard Essence
Lion Seal
Lion Crest
Lion Cloak Patch
Legionnaire Flags
Lancer Beetle Shell
Lamassu Horn
Lamassu Hoof
Kongra's Shoulderpad
Kollos Shell
Jewelled Belt
Ivory Carving
Instable Proto Matter
Inkwell (Black)
Infernal Robe
Infernal Heart
Incantation Notes
Iced Soil
Ice Flower
Hydra Head
Hydra Egg
Hunter's Quiver
Humongous Chunk
Huge Spiky Snail Shell
Huge Shell
Holy Ash
Hollow Stampor Hoof
High Guard Shoulderplates
High Guard Flag
Hideous Chunk
Hemp Rope
Hellhound Slobber
Head (Many Faces)
Head (Brachiodemon)
Hazardous Robe
Hazardous Heart
Haunted Piece of Wood
Hatched Rorc Egg
Harpoon of a Giant Snail
Hand (Brachiodemon)
Half-Eaten Brain
Half-Digested Stones
Half-Digested Piece of Meat
Hair of a Banshee
Green Bandage
Grappling Hook (Rascacoon)
Grant of Arms
Golden Talon
Golden Lotus Brooch
Golden Cotton Reel
Golden Bell
Goblin Ear
Goanna Meat
Goanna Claw
Gnomevil's Hat
Glowing Rune
Glowing Carrot
Glooth Injection Tube
Glob of Tar
Glob of Mercury
Glob of Glooth
Glob of Acid Slime
Glistening Bone
Glimmering Soil
Girlish Hair Decoration
Giant Tentacle
Giant Pacifier
Giant Eye
Giant Crab Pincer
Ghoul Snack
Ghostly Tissue
Ghastly Dragon Head
Geomancer's Staff
Geomancer's Robe
Gear Wheel
Gear Crystal
Gauze Bandage
Fur Shred
Frozen Time
Frozen Lightning
Frozen Chain
Frosty Ear of a Troll
Frost Giant Pelt
Frazzle Tongue
Fox Paw
Fly Agaric
Fir Cone
Fig Leaf
Ferumbras' Mana Keg
Falcon Crest
Fafnar Symbol
Eye of a Weeper
Eye of Corruption
Eye of a Deepling
Execowtioner Mask
Eternal Flames
Essence of a Bad Dream
Ensouled Essence
Energy Soil
Energy Ball
Elven Astral Observer
Elder Bonelord Tentacle
Dwarven Beard
Dung Ball
Dream Essence Egg
Draptor Scales
Draken Wristbands
Dragon Tongue
Dragon Priest's Wandtip
Dragon Crown
Dragon Blood
Dragon's Tail
Dracola's Eye
Downy Feather
Distorted Robe
Distorted Heart
Dirty Turban
Diremaw Legs
Diremaw Brainpan
Demonic Finger
Deepworm Spikes
Deepworm Spike Roots
Deepworm Jaws
Deepling Scales
Deepling Ridge
Deepling Guard Belt Buckle
Deepling Claw
Deepling Breaktime Snack
Deathstrike's Snippet
Dead Weight
Dark Rosary
Dark Bell
Dangerous Proto Matter
Dandelion Seeds
Damselfly Eye
Damaged Worm Head
Damaged Armor Plates
Cursed Shoulder Spikes
Curious Matter
Cultish Symbol
Crystalline Spikes
Crystal Bone
Crown (Cloak Of Terror)
Crawler's Essence
Cracked Alabaster Vase
Crab Pincers
Cow Bell
Corrupted Flag
Condensed Energy
Compound Eye
Colourful Snail Shell
Colourful Feather
Cockroach Leg
Cobra Tongue
Cobra Crest
Coal Eyes
Cliff Strider Claw
Chitinous Mouth (Count of the Core)
Chitinous Mouth (Baron from Below)
Cheesy Membership Card
Cheesy Figurine
Cheese Cutter
Chasm Spawn Tail
Chasm Spawn Head
Chasm Spawn Abdomen
Centipede Leg
Cavebear Skull
Cave Devourer Maw
Cave Devourer Legs
Cave Devourer Eyes
Cat's Paw
Carrion Worm Fang
Carniphila Seeds
Capricious Robe
Capricious Heart
Bundle of Cursed Straw
Bunch of Troll Hair
Broken Throwing Axe
Broken Slicer
Broken Key Ring
Broken Helmet
Broken Halberd
Broken Gladiator Shield
Broken Draken Mail
Broken Crossbow
Bright Bell
Brain Head's Right Hemisphere
Brain Head's Left Hemisphere
Brain Head's Giant Neuron
Brain Head's Brain
Bowl of Terror Sweat
Book of Necromantic Rituals
Book Page
Bony Tail
Bonecarving Knife
Bone Toothpick
Bone Shoulderplate
Bone Fetish
Boggy Dreads
Blue Goanna Scale
Bloody Dwarven Beard
Blood Preservation
Black Wool
Black Hood
Beetle Carapace
Bed of Nails
Basalt Figurine
Basalt Fetish
Banana Sash
Bamboo Stick
Badger Fur
Astral Source
Astral Glyph
Ancient Watch
Ancient Stone
Ancient Belt Buckle
Abyssador's Lash
Ferumbras' Hat
Key to the Drowned Library
Silver Hand Mirror
Plagueroot Offshoot
Percht Queen's Frozen Heart
Percht Handkerchief
Percht Broom
Maxxenius Head
Malofur's Lunchbox
Izcandar's Sundial
Izcandar's Snow Globe
Ivory Comb
Icicle (The Percht Queen)
Golden Horseshoe
Flames of the Percht Queen
Dark Bell (Sino)
Cursed Bone
Cluster of Solace
Beast's Nightmare-Cushion
Bag You Desire
Ancient Liche Bone
Alptramun's Toothbrush
Flawless Ice Crystal
Silencer Resonating Chamber
Scale of Gelidrazah
Poison Gland
Neutral Matter
Lost Soul (Item)
Katex' Blood
Goanna Hide with Sun Symbol
Empty Honey Glass
Dry Piece of Wood
Christmas Present Bag
Bronze Gear Wheel
Broken Longbow
Bones of Zorvorax
Blood Tincture in a Vial
Wyvern Talisman
Wyrm Scale
Winter Wolf Fur
Wereboar Hooves
Waspoid Wing
Warmaster's Wristguards
War Crystal
Vexclaw Talon
Vampire Teeth
Thick Fur
Swamp Grass
Strand of Medusa Hair
Some Grimeleech Wings
Snake Skin
Slime Heart
Silencer Claws
Seacrest Hair
Rorc Feather
Rope Belt
Protective Charm
Polar Bear Paw
Poisonous Slime
Pile of Grave Earth
Piece of Swampling Wood
Piece of Scarab Shell
Piece of Dead Brain
Petrified Scream
Peacock Feather Fan
Orc Tooth
Ogre Nose Ring
Mystical Hourglass
Moohtant Horn
Mooh'tah Shell
Metal Spike
Little Bowl of Myrrh
Lion's Mane
Hellspawn Tail
Green Dragon Scale
Green Dragon Leather
Goosebump Leather
Gloom Wolf Fur
Frosty Heart
Frazzle Skin
Flask of Embalming Fluid
Fiery Heart
Fairy Wings
Energy Vein
Elvish Talisman
Elven Scouting Glass
Elven Hoof
Draken Sulphur
Demonic Skeletal Hand
Demon Horn
Deepling Warts
Damselfly Wing
Cyclops Toe
Cultish Robe
Cultish Mask
Crystallized Anger
Crawler Head Plating
Broken Shamanic Staff
Brimstone Shell
Brimstone Fangs
Bloody Pincers
Blazing Bone
Battle Stone
Yellow Fireworks Powder
Versicolour Fireworks Powder
Turquoise Fireworks Powder
Red Fireworks Powder
Purple Fireworks Powder
Orange Fireworks Powder
Green Fireworks Powder
Grainy Fireworks Powder
Fireworks Rocket
Fireworks Capsule
Blue Fireworks Powder
Yellow Piece of Cloth
Wolf Paw
White Piece of Cloth
Voluminous Piece of Cloth
Vampire Dust
Turtle Shell
The Lethal Lissy's Shirt
Sturdy Book
Spool of Yarn
Spirit Container
Spider Silk
Soul Stone
Sniper Gloves
Slime Mould
Shadow Cowl
Red Piece of Cloth
Red Dragon Scale
Red Dragon Leather
Plague Mask
Plague Bell
Piece of Royal Steel
Piece of Hell Steel
Piece of Draconian Steel
Perfect Behemoth Fang
Peg Leg
Ominous Piece of Cloth
Obvious Piece of Cloth
Nose Ring
Minotaur Leather
Magic Sulphur
Luminous Piece of Cloth
Ludicrous Piece of Cloth
Lizard Scale
Lizard Leather
Iron Ore
Ice Shield
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron
Holy Orchid
Heaven Blossom
Hardened Bone
Green Piece of Cloth
Flask of Warrior's Sweat
Fish Fin
Final Judgement
Eye Patch
Enchanted Chicken Wing
Elemental Spikes
Dubious Piece of Cloth
Dream Warden Mask
Dream Warden Claw
Dragon Claw
Demonic Essence
Demon Dust
Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch
Colourful Feathers
Chicken Feather
Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat
Brown Piece of Cloth
Bonelord Eye
Blue Piece of Cloth
Behemoth Claw
Bear Paw
Bat Wing
Ape Fur
Percht Skull
Strange Symbol
Key to Knowledge
The Imperor's Trident
The Handmaiden's Protector
Mr. Punish's Handcuffs
Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear
Angel Figurine
Mysterious Fetish
Dream Matter
Scroll of Heroic Deeds
Book of Prayers
Sphinx Tiara
Broken Visor