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(Arm: 1).
Classification: 1.
Max. Tier: 1
It weighs 27.00 oz.

Puede negociarse en el mercado.

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Páginas Similares

Spiritthorn Armor
Mutated Skin Armor
Broken Iks Cuirass
Midnight Tunic
Green Demon Armor
Dawnfire Sherwani
Eldritch Hood
Eldritch Cuirass
Spectral Dress
Pirate Shirt
Burial Shroud
Zaoan Robe
Zaoan Armor
Yalahari Armor
Witchhunter's Coat
Windborn Colossus Armor
White Dress
Voltage Armor
Velvet Mantle
Traditional Shirt
Toga Mortis
Thundersoul Tabard
Thundermind Raiment
Thunderheart Platemail
Thunderheart Hauberk
Thunderheart Cuirass
The Rain Coat
Terra Mantle
Swan Feather Cloak
Swamplair Armor
Summer Dress
Studded Armor
Spirit Cloak
Spellweaver's Robe
Skullcracker Armor
Simple Dress
Scale Armor
Royal Scale Robe
Royal Draken Mail
Robe of the Underworld
Robe of the Ice Queen
Red Tunic
Red Robe
Ranger's Cloak
Prismatic Armor
Plate Armor
Paladin Armor
Pair of Old Bracers
Ornate Chestplate
Old Cape
Oceanborn Leviathan Armor
Noble Armor
Native Armor
Mooh'tah Plate
Molten Plate
Master Archer's Armor
Mammoth Fur Cape
Magma Coat
Magician's Robe
Magic Plate Armor
Living Armor
Lion Plate
Lightning Robe
Leopard Armor
Leather Harness
Leather Armor
Lavos Armor
Knight Armor
Hibiscus Dress
Heavy Metal T-Shirt
Heat Core
Greenwood Coat
Green Tunic
Goo Shell
Golden Armor
Gnome Armor
Glooth Cape
Glacier Robe
Girl's Dress
Gill Coat
Ghost Chestplate
Furious Frock
Fur Armor
Frozen Plate
Frostsoul Tabard
Frostmind Raiment
Frostheart Platemail
Frostheart Hauberk
Frostheart Cuirass
Focus Cape
Flower Dress
Firesoul Tabard
Firemind Raiment
Fireheart Platemail
Fireheart Hauberk
Fireheart Cuirass
Fireborn Giant Armor
Falcon Plate
Ethno Coat
Embrace of Nature
Elven Mail
Elite Draken Mail
Earthsoul Tabard
Earthmind Raiment
Earthheart Platemail
Earthheart Hauberk
Earthheart Cuirass
Earthborn Titan Armor
Dwarven Armor
Dream Shroud
Dragon Scale Mail
Dragon Robe
Divine Plate
Depth Lorica
Demon Armor
Dark Lord's Cape
Dark Armor
Crystalline Armor
Crown Armor
Chain Armor
Calopteryx Cape
Brass Armor
Blue Robe
Belted Cape
Bear Skin
Ball Gown
Amazon Armor
Albino Plate