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Tiblioteca es un fansite no oficial de Tibia con información y noticias en español.

Closed Trap

Closed Trap

Closed Trap

It weighs 21.00 oz.

Puede negociarse en el mercado.

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Páginas Similares

Flask of Demonic Blood
Granite Gray Small Book
Ebony Small Book
Yalahari Gear Wheel
Yellow Skull
Yellow Powder
Wonder Glue
Witches' Cap Spot
White Skull
White Flower (Item)
Wet Boards
Weapons Crate (Set)
Weapons Crate (AVIN)
War Wolf Skin
Voodoo Lily Pollen
Violet Memory Shard
Vial of Mushroom Distillate
Vial of Liquid Silver
Vial of Elemental Water
Vial of Coloured Glooth
Vial of Cactus Milk
Versicoloured Marble
Valuable Vase
Used Telescope Kit
Used Rocking Horse Kit
Used Red Chair Kit
Used Globe Kit
Turqoise Marble
Troll Skull
Tribal Crest
Trapped Hyaena
Trained Fire Bug
Torn Magic Cape
Torn Log Book
Torn Book (Marziel's Diary)
Tinged Pot
Time-Particle Extractor
Time Compass
The Tail of the Keeper
The Supreme Cube
The Spatial Warp Almanac
The Living Idol of Tukh
The Famous Mina Losa Painting
The Dwarven Emperor's Beard
The Cube (Item)
The Blood of Cloak of Terror
Tea Spoon
Tea Cup
Tainted Glooth Capsule
Tainted Blood Essence
Tagralt Nugget
Symbol of Sun and Sea
Sword Hilt
Sweet and Sugary Substance
Swan Feather (Asura)
Suspicious Device
Supply Crate
Sugatrap's Obsidian Lance
Strong Cloth
Strangely Ornamented Key
Strange Yellow Powder
Strange Red Powder
Strange Powder (Hive)
Strange Empty Bucket
Strange Device
Strange Blue Powder
Strange Amulet
Strand of Hair
Stolen Golden Goblet
Stimulated Brain
Sticky Elemental Goo
Steel Spider Silk
Spoon with a Ribbon
Spool of Steel Silk Yarn
Spirit Cage
Spiderweb Clouds Shreds
Spare Part
Sorcerer and Druid Staff
Some Golem Parts
Silver and a Golden Hand
Sacramental Wine
Red Skull
Red Power Core
Red Gem (Kilmaresh)
Pretty Ice Flower
Partly Empty Picture Album (Bank of Carlin)
Puny Ice Flower
Picture Album
Picture of a Falcon Banner
Palette and Brushes
Partly Empty Picture Album (Colossus Fortress)
Partly Empty Picture Album (Golden Statue)
Peacock Feather (Asura)
Picture of Venore's Statue
Picture of the Colossus
Picture of the Carlin Bank
Picture of Calcanea
Picture of an Elven House
Part of an Old Map (Cuatro)
Piece of an Ancient Disc
Part of an Ancient Disc
Orange Skull
Old Health Potion
Naga Nest
Nutrient Solution
Moonshine Pearl
Moon Mint
Marvelous Ice Flowers
Marble Floor
Key Intihuatac
Jug (Ants)
Jewel Case (Yellow)
Icicle Chisel
Half Empty Picture Album (Halls of Hope)
Half Empty Picture Album (Falcon Banner)
Half Empty Picture Album (Adventurers' Guild)
Green Skull
Green Power Core
Glob of Grease
Glass Lens
Giant Screwdriver
Ghost Duster
Gemmed Lotus Brooch
Fresh Hydra Herbs
Fragment of an Ancient Disc
Foam Stalker Spume
Flask with Anti-Mutagen
Flask of Mango Juice
Flask of Mango Honey Juice
Flamingo Feather (Asura)
Fitzwilliam's Special Reserve
Festival Cake
Feather and Inkwell
Energy Net
Empty Flask (Ingol)
Easter Egg
Damaged Steel Helmet
Cure for Sick Beavers
Coral Vow Flower
Coral Powder
Commemorative Platinum Coin
Chopped Lion Mane Petals
Charged Flame
Chaos Matter
Candy Lure
Canary Feather
Bucket Full of Sparkles
Bronze Hand
Bridal Black Skull
Bottled Yolk
Book with Transcripts
Bones (Item)
Blurred Transcript
Blue Marble III
Blue Marble II
Blue Marble I
Blessed Water
Black Blisters
Beautiful Ice Flowers
Bag with Naga Eggs
Bag of Screws
Asuri Talisman
Almost Full Picture Album (Elven House)
Almost Full Picture Album (Calcanea)
Adventurers' Guild Picture
Worm Punisher
Wheel Oil
Unremarkable Hammer
Tool for Analyzing Fluids
The Ban Hammer
Teleportation Rod
Tarantula Trap
Partially Charged Lodestone
Highly Charged Lodestone
Glowing Gnomish Stonesmasher
Egg Cracker
Daedal Chisel
Very Old Piece of Paper
Tylaf's Letter
Translation Scroll
Torn Incantation Fragment
Theatre Script
The Rite of Eternal Night
The Moon Aster's Letter
Sheet of Paper (Hoist)
Secret Map
Research Records
Old Parchment (Tiquanda)
Old Parchment (Lion's Rock)
Old Parchment (Drefia)
Wedding Outfit Box
Xodet's First Wand
Worm Queen Tooth
Wolf Tooth Chain (Quest)
Whoopee Cushion
Whisper Moss
Unworked Sacred Wood
Universal Tool
The Witches' Grimoire
The Ring of the Count
The Dust of Marziel
The Dust of Lersatio
The Dust of Boreth
The Dust of Arthei
The Alchemists' Formulas
Technomancer Beard
Tear of Daraman
Tattered Swan Feather
Strong Sinew
Striker's Favourite Pillow
Strange Powder
Stone Tablet with Ley Lines
Vial of Potent Holy Water
Rusty Armor
Gnomish Lava Fishing Rod
Gnome Shovel
Gnome Pick
Sandcrawler Shell
Rabbit's Foot
Natural Soil
Hollow Stampor Hoof
Gnomevil's Hat
Deathstrike's Snippet
Abyssador's Lash
Gleaming Starlight Vial (Quest)
Deer Trophy
Mean Knight Sword
Crimson Sword (Rashid)
Giant Smithhammer
Spectral Dress
Pirate Shirt
Burial Shroud
Strange Good Night Songs
Eerie Song Book
Pirate Knee Breeches
Bast Skirt
Pirate Boots
Tome of Knowledge
The True Book of Death
The Holy Tible
Spatial Warp Almanac
Nature Magic Spellbook
Heavy Old Tome
Botany Almanach
Book (CGB)
Amarie’s Favourite Book
Almanac of Magic
Monolith of the Planes
Magical Music Notes
Lit Moon Mirror
Yonan’s List
Twinkiller Rune
The Top Right Part of a Map
The Top Left Part of a Map
The Lower Right Part of a Map
The Lower Left Part of a Map
Tefrit’s List
Tactical Map
Suspicious Documents
Signed Contract
Secret Instruction (Silver Mask)
Secret Instruction (Mirror Mask)
Secret Instruction (Ivory Mask)
Secret Instruction (Gryphon Mask)
Research Notes
Parchment (Poetry)
Parchment (Eclesius)
Old Piece of Paper
Notes and Coordinates
Note from the Thieves Guild
Narsai’s List
Map (Colour)
Map (Brown)
Letter from the Wizards
Julius’ Map
Golem Blueprint
Faded Last Will
Building Plans for a Ship
Blank Poetry Parchment
Wooden Flute
Waldo’s Post Horn
Bone Fiddle
Toy Mouse
Scorpion (Objeto)
Cave Rat (Item)
Calamary (Item)
Bat (Item)
Vial with a Skull Cork
Grave Flower Extract
Bone Meal
Toxic Tulip Seed
Tortoise Egg from Nargor
Sprocketwhip Cone
Meaty Vortex
Ice Cream Cone (Venorean Dream)
Garlic Cookie
Garlic Bread
Sun Fruit
Roasted Meat
Red Apple
Northern Pike
Green Perch
Rotten Witches’ Cauldron Seed
Tribal Mask
Spooky Hood
Silver Mask
Sedge Hat
Pirate Hat
Mirror Mask
Mining Helmet (Budrik)
Mage’s Cap
Gryphon Mask
Ferumbras' Hat
Damaged Helmet
Blue Spectacles
Water (Líquido)
Vial of Milk
Vial of Ink
Reagent Flask
Interdimensional Potion
Fresh Mushroom Beer
Flask with Snake Poison
Flask with Lamp Oil
Flask with Beaver Bait
Flask of Hallucinogen
Flask Mushroom Fertilizer
Empty Ritual Flask
Coconut Milk
Box with Waterproof Balm
Box with Balm
Bottle of Bug Milk
Beer Bottle
Barrel of Beer
Animal Cure
Wild Desert Rose
Veldt Flowers (Objeto)
Veldt Flowers
Troll Green
Stone Herb
Star Herb
Sling Herb
Shadow Herb
Purple Kiss Blossom
Powder Herb
Piece of Cactus
Orange Star
Hydra Tongue
Goat Grass
Frostbite Herb
Bowl of Evergreen Flowers
Bloodkiss Flower
Raven Herb
Wolf Tooth Chain (Ceiron’s)
Koshei’s Ancient Amulet
Jerom’s Family Necklace
Suspicious Signet Ring
Signet Ring
Ring of Secret Thoughts (Charged)
Ring of Secret Thoughts
Lion Ring
Family Signet Ring
Prison Cell Key
Omrabas' Copper Key
Omrabas' Bone Key
Old Silver Key
Magical Cage Key
Lotus Key
Key to the Drowned Library
Key 6010
Key 5010
Key 5002
Key 4603